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I love this saying and all that it implies. I love the idea of breaking rules to be unique and to express yourself.


When you go on vacation, you don't really want to lug around a 5 pound camera. Here are some tips for great pictures on your phone.


or me, in photography, being able to be creative with my edits and put a narrative to my pictures is such a gratifying use of my imagination.


I am giving away some of my favorite things. So, I am basically like Oprah now!


In an area saturated with photographers, I have had to ask myself this question a lot.  I think I know and then I change it again and again.  The point is, I am asking myself this question and seeking the answer. Those answers are what sets me apart.  

I have had some say that without a degree in photography or graphic design, how can you call yourself a photographer? The answer is simple.  I take great photo's.   Clients like my pictures, so they hire me.  I have a legit company. So I am a photographer.  It took me awhile to own that last statement because I let the masses define my qualifications instead of my work.  And then I was like "NOPE. Today I chose to own my abilities and talent because they exist and I will be what I want to be".

Someone once said that Joanna Gaines shouldn't call herself a designer because she didn't have a design degree.  She designs cool shit.  She is really good at it.  She found her target market and sold to t...

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