Tips for Taking Great Pictures on Your Phone

When you go on vacation, the last thing you want to do is drop thousands of dollars on a new DSLR camera, lenses, camera bag, editing software, and memory cards. Not to mention lugging around a heavy camera all day can get old real fast.

Guess what? Using your phone can result in great pictures that you can share with your family and friends. And, you are already lugging that around so why not use it?

My recent vacations to Chicago and Mexico, I took most of my pictures on my phone. And I even brought my camera and all above mentioned gear on those trips. It was just easier, not to mention lighter, to whip my phone out and take pictures. I was still able to capture those Instagram-worthy pictures while also staying relatively hands-free (other than shopping bags and margs, obviously).

Check out the tips below on how I took great pictures on my latest vacations and how you can too.

Here are some tips to create beautiful pictures you will want to show everyone.

- Use your phone's grid for the camera to make sure the focal point is in the middle.

- always check to see what your background consists of because like it or not, it is frozen in time along with your memory.

- The editing tool within IPhone's photos app is great when you are getting started. Use color to enhance the vibrancy of your sunset picture. The Light setting is awesome for when you just need to lighten the picture a little. I wish I could help my android friends, but there is no help for you. Just kidding... just kidding!!! I am sure you have very similar settings to adjust.

-Use the flashlight of someone else's phone to enhance the lighting, but not have to use the flash on your own phone. This helps with the red glowing evil eyes not to mention can be moved around to change the direction of your light source.

- Don't be afraid to be THAT person who takes multiple pictures to get the right one and for the love of PETE, take the shot! Just take lots of them. No one ever was sad to look through several pictures for the perfect one to post or share. But, I am sure some were sad that the only shot they have is the one with their eyes half shut and mid sentence. (that's the kind of picture my husband might take)

-If you are able to, the portrait mode on the latest IPhones are your best friend for the perfect candids.

- and while this might not be popular with some, I like to have an idea of what type of picture I am going for ahead of time. And I will "stage" it. It's great when you get the perfect candid, but most times it is a perfectly created moment to capture exactly the image you had imagined. And that is OKAY!!!

For more advanced editing phone apps, there are a few that are my go-to.


2. Lightroom (subscription based)

3. Photoshop Express and fix (subscription based)

4. Snapseed (free!!!)

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