Basically, like Oprah.

I am doing my first ever giveaway. I decided that I needed to do an Oprah-esque year where I share some of my favorite things and what better way to share it than to give some of it away.

No. You won't get a trip to Africa.

No. You won't get a car.

No. I won't pay off your credit cards.

But, yes, I will give you some cool stuff your partner will probably refer to as "more crap to store" (no? just my husband? *rolls my eyes so hard*)

Let's chat about what is so great about the August giveaway!

There are 4 of these handcrafted linen photo-journals from one of my favorite home décor stores, Restoration Hardware. I love this store and I love the vibe that they give out. They can just sit on a shelf and still be amazing without ever putting a single thing inside them!

Why do a scrapbook/journal?

My oldest daughter and I are almost cut from the same cloth, although she seems to be more hardcore than me. We like to write things down. We don't make lists on our phones, we write them down and put cute squiggly lines next to them and geometric shapes to make them all crafty. We print our pictures and make scrapbooks with tickets and cards and notes in them. We catalog the crap out of our lives for hours and don't feel bad about it. We list our goals. On paper. It is in our DNA. I guess we can blame my dad for that because I see that he can be equally OCD about order and cataloging. This book fits our vibe and brings us joy. So, I am going to Oprah this to you! (that means give it to you).

Check out the picture above to see how to win these sweet little prizes!

Good luck and I can't wait to see all the creative ways that you use yours!


#thingsIlike #photojournals

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